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50 Ways To Make Your Business More Profitable

If money is tight, this eBook is filled with a huge assortment of promotional ideas and marketing strategies you can use. We guarantee you're sure to find ideas that will work for you and your business.

Here are just a few examples of whats inside this 223KB size PDF guide.

PARTIES. Everyone loves a party. Why not celebrate the anniversary of your business or some special holiday by offering discount sales, baked goods and beverages. If you're running a service business, perhaps you can offer an open house or obtain a small banquet room in your community. Besides refreshments, be sure the place is brightly decorated. Get the local bakery or coffee shop involved to help cut cost.

ACTION, ACTION, ACTION. There are fewer action displays in all types of stores than ever before. Why? One reason—stores have become too sedate, too uniform. Retailing needs the interrupting note; action displays can provide it. A second reason for the trend away from action displays—mechanical trouble. But today these troubles are fewer than ever before. A hard-goods store reports excellent results from a carousel showing small appliances; a food store has used the same device for special foods. Many suppliers offer excellent action displays; some of these displays use merely the heat from a lighted bulb to provide action. Try action displays—in windows, inside the store. Action displays can give sales action!

DISPLAY ADS. Newspaper display ads can drive new customers to your business, if they are targeted well. To get the best results from newspaper display ads is to make it a ‘Double Barrel’ display advertisement. You can do this by offering a discount to anyone who cuts-out and brings in the actual ad that was in the newspaper. You can use phrases such as, “Get 20%, $5 or $10 OFF when you bring this ad to: Your Business Address Here.” Using display ads as “Cut-out Coupons” can help generate more business then ever before.

ROUND-THE-CLOCK PROMOTIONS. Round-the-clock promotions have been amazingly successful in the stimulation of volume for major appliances. These promotions have kept stores open 24 hours a day for three days and more. Just why the idea appeals to the shopper is a bit of a mystery; but its appeal can't be disputed. Why not adapt the same idea to merchandise—to soft goods, home furnishings, fashion outlets, hair salons, etc.? Give it a thought.

SPORTS TICKET PROMOTIONS. All types of stores are turning to the idea of offering free, or reduced-price, tickets to sport events. For example: a 165-store food super chain distributed a total of 85,000 reserve seat tickets for the Villanova-Mississippi football game. A junior department store offered a free ticket to a professional football game with fashion or housewares purchases of $15. A food store offers a $2.50 sport event ticket on purchases of $10; a $3.80 ticket on purchases of $15. America is, of course, sports mad. The sport ticket promotional concept promises to spread—and it makes a most effective newspaper advertising offer.

"50 Ways To Make Your Business More Profitable,"- is an eBook jammed packed full of promotional ideas, marketing strategies and more. Get it NOW for only US$27.00 and available for immediate download. Grab your copy TODAY!